Bengali Food Blogger

Hi, I'm Thahmina (Tah-meee-na)

Culinary demi-goddess and lover of all things food related. I started Golden Tiffin in 2014 as a way to combine my passion for feeding the masses and trying my hand at food photography. In time, I pray, I will become more magnificent at both. "That's all well and good but what's with the blog name?!" I hear you ask. Allow me to enlighten you.

I put my interest in cooking down to having been lucky to be raised by a food-crazy family who would share their love by sharing food- in a golden tiffin. Growing up, I would watch in awe as my grandmother laboured over the stove for hours on end. Her robust pots and pans seems to be to be like bottomless pits of flavoursome dishes; quite truly the gift that kept on giving. 

However, not every recipe I post here has a precious back story. While the golden tiffin may not have withstood the tests of time and a labour of love just sounds like plain old labour at the end of a gruelling 9 to 5, the experience of waiting by the counter as my gran unearthed yet another pleasant morsel is one of the memories I never get bored of recreating.

This space is a way of mapping the evolution of my family's culture; some ancient, some recently discovered. Take the recipes and make them yours. Play and experiment with them in the hope that they will invoke as much joy for you as they have for me.