Golden Tiffin is on YouTube! 

It's now coming up to three years that I've been occupying a corner of the internet. I had no idea that so many people were interested in what this overzealous young Bengali girl had to say! Sharing content with you has helped me recognise what's important to me too. Everyday, I come across you, the reader: a person with talent in abundance and have a passion for what you do! It has certainly been a driving force for me to continue. 

Every year has brought about change on Golden Tiffin and this time is no different. From the moment I began, I'd always had a vision beyond just blog posts and knew it would always be about more than just food. Golden Tiffin has become a symbol for an understanding of my roots, culture and coming into my own. 

It took a lot of careful consideration but I am proud to announce that Golden Tiffin has launched a YouTube channel! The kind of videos you can expect are short, punchy and covering similar content to the blog. There may be a few new faces around too, who knows? Whether it's recipes or restaurants, the point is not to show you everything, but to make you take action and find out more for yourself. Curiosity is key to a life well lived, right?

Here is a taster of what you can find on the channel. Check it out here for more videos!