Golden Tiffin Turns One!

It's been a whole 365 days since I sat down one day with a battered twelve year old SLR and thought, "Let me take pictures of food in nice bowls and put them on the Internet!" It's not everyday that a bookish twenty something year old decides to start a food blog and common sense should have prevailed- I could have predicted the uphill struggle, technological failures and several networking nightmares (I will take these names to my grave!) What I couldn't have foreseen was that in letting go of "What if?" I would have found good friends in the people who regularly visit the site. Today I thought it would be fun if I went through the archives to share some of my favourite recipes from the past year.

1) Spinach, Prawn & Pumpkin Curry

Prawn & Pumpkin Curry_1317_1.jpg

What have been your favourites so far?

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