Monthly Digest- May '19
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Ramadan is quickly drawing to an end which means June (and Eid) are within sight! On Instagram, someone asked me what I’ve been doing during Ramadan and it made me think of something I read: “we should listen to understand, not listen to respond.” Personally, this month is not about just abstaining from food, but also the habits we want to desperately break. I say it often to those I know but patience is definitely not my forte. Rather than becoming frustrated, I’ve decided that silence is sometimes the more civil approach. It’s really helped me think about the power of my words and actions.

Behind The Scenes
As with a lot of Muslim households, the last few days of Ramadan mean that houses are buzzing with spiritual energy as everyone lives in the hope of Eid. This also includes considering how to prepare meals for the auspicious occasion. To make life easy, I often make pre-cooked items that are simple but impressive like nankhatai, narkel naru or for something more substantial, a pulled tandoori chicken burger. I’ve made it for supperclubs as well as small family gatherings and it never fails to amaze.

New Read
If you don’t follow Pink Ladoo on Instagram already- what are you waiting for? Raj Kaur Khaira’s recent release: “Stories for South Asian Super-Girls” is one of the ways the project seeks to tackle gender stereotypes and cultural taboos within the South Asian community. It’s a very light hearted read of several biographies of women who have accomplished wonderful things. It’s the kind of book any child would benefit from. In a day and age where ‘representation’ feels more like a buzz word than a movement, it’s important that children from minorities feel like they are able to visualise themselves in any way they choose, regardless of social barriers. I didn’t read up about my history or discover female South Asian writers until I was much older, which is why I ended buying a few copies as Eid presents for all the young cousins I have!

Recipe On Repeat
Sooji diye kheer always comes out on Eid, and this year is no different.

Wish List
I have reached a point in life where once I would have spent all my money on fast fashion, I now spend on Turkish bath towels. As a result, sunglasses are so low down on my priority list that I just can’t bring myself to part with an extortionate amount for them. Enter Le Specs. It’s a relatively affordable brand that’s stocked on Net-a-Porter. What’s even better: they have 100% UV protection so your eyes will be thanking you all through summer.

Lunch Haunts
If you’re ever sauntering around East London on a balmy summer afternoon, head over to Fish House near Victoria Park. It’s possibly one the best fish and chippies I’ve been to. It’s nothing fancy, just simple and nostalgic. It’s £7.50 for a small cod and chips which I shared it with a burly giant of a husband and still felt stuffed!