Monthly Digest- Jun' 19

June has felt like it took forever to end. What’s more, we are more than halfway through 2019! Possibly my biggest achievement this year is that I’ve stayed committed to working out four times a week since last summer. I gave up on the hope of going to the gym after work long ago, opting instead to work out from the comfort of my own home. As a person with obsessive tendencies, if that 5.30 p.m alarm goes off and I haven’t exercised, I don’t feel at ease! 

06 19.png

Behind The Scenes
I’ve been working on exciting new content for a small business (hence the radio silence on Golden Tiffin) which I can’t wait to share with you in a few weeks. If you want to check out the latest behind the scenes, check out my Instagram Highlights.

New Buy
I have been mooning over this dinner set by Marks & Spencer since probably before the new year and when it finally went on sale, I nabbed two sets! I know, I definitely don’t need four complete dining sets but they were too pretty to resist and remind me of the infamous Calico plates from Burleigh

Recipe On Repeat
With the promise of summer ever-looming, I have started cracking out my favourite grilled paneer and pomegranate salad. Think about it the way you would halloumi. I find that if you’re making paneer for a dry dish, it’s important to sear the outside on a blistering flame and eat immediately so it’s still soft and squidgy on the inside. 

Wish List
My latest pastime is swooning over everything interior related on Pinterest. You can check out my boards here- one is even dedicated to Golden Era Bollywood!

Lunch Haunts
Lahpet, meaning tea leaf in Burmese, has quickly become my post-work food fix. The Shoreditch branch is an aesthetic upgrade from the original in Hackney with it’s copper hardware, patterned linens and bamboo booths. Lahpet serves Burmese dishes, small plates which rotate seasonally and mains that are ever-present all year round. If I were to recommend anything, it would be the balachung dumplings, fried bream and the prawn curry. As a Bengali, the use of fermented fish and shrimp paste was so familiar but new! I would never have imagined it in dumplings, or that it would be popular enough to exist as its own side.