Monthly Digest- Jan '19
Jan 19 monthly digest.png

2019 is well and truly underway! The past few months have been a time of amping up the social events, family time and generally anything that meant being indulgent. I’m not one to set New Year’s Resolutions, but the only thing healthwise I’d like to carry into 2019 is to continue reducing my red meat consumption as I can really see the benefits to my energy levels and immune system.

Behind The Scenes
One of my favourite ‘nights out’ was actually a dinner hosted by my husband and all the married men we know for their wives. They aptly titled it “Come Dine With The Mandem” (you can tell they’re clinging onto memories of youth) and it was by far the best night I’ve had in a while! Each husband was responsible for a specific course and the girls all did a live judging, courtesy of iPhone footage and screen mirroring. Jahied decided to not follow the okra fries recipe on the blog and failed miserably. I think it stung my ego more than his!

Netflix Binge
For a lot of people, January is an opportunity to cleanse and detox: clearing out clutter and letting go of whatever doesn’t make you happy. I’ve read Marie Kondo’s book and watched wardrobe decluttering videos more times than I want to admit, so I was ecstatic when the new Netflix series began! I’m not someone who hoards a lot of things but I do love orderliness and organisation. If you’re struggling to get your house in order I recommend giving it a watch

Recipe On Repeat
The aloo dum recipe is one I’ve been making constantly during dinner with family and friends. I layered the onions and potatoes so it looked a bit more structured and neat, and for one occasion I experimented with a dash of tamarind paste and kasundi (Bengali mustard sauce) and it turned out lovely with a tart kick.

Wish List
I have been lusting over Good Earth India homeware for as long as I can remember. I love their heritage inspired glassware, the colonial Calcutta style silver platters and gorgeous embroidered linens. If I could, I would buy up their whole store (fortunately they deliver to the UK) but for now, these gorgeous painted tumblers will do.

Artist On Loop
I’ve been working out three times a week without fail since September and I am almost certain I owe any motivation I have to Spotify’s reggaeton selection! There’s not much that a Bad Bunny playlist can’t help me perk up for.