Monthly Digest: Sep 17

There are two types of people in the world: those who love autumn and those who don't. I sit firmly in the latter category. As someone who's spent their entire life in academia, September marks the beginning of back to school blues. Don't get me wrong, give me a willing audience and I could have conversations about satire and Jane Austen for a lifetime. But there is something about having to wake up in pitch black darkness and be exposed to the harsh elements during a morning shower that will never be appealing! I think this month's Digest sums up how I seem to crave things that don't require me to venture outdoors.

Sep 17.png

Binge watching

I show no loyalty when it comes to keeping up with a series. I skipped Season 2 entirely and got straight to the good stuff. Pacho Herrera seems to be impeccably dressed every time he appears. I just one to know everything about one of the few openly gay drug cartels who climbed high in the pyramid of the Mafia.

Latest post

Aubergines are always in abundance but there's no better time for some crispy skinned begun poshto than a cold Sunday afternoon. You could probably do this recipe with just aubergines and poppy seeds if you were feeling even more bleary-eyed than usual!

Recipe on repeat

As much as I would say my mum is my best friend, I am a terrible daughter. You will never catch me having long phone conversations with my mum or giving more than a monosyllabic response on Whatsapp. Weeks can go by where I've forgotten to say hi and make small talk. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe in the sanctity of face to face conversation. That's the least she deserves right? Fish pie is my mum's favourite so I think at some point this week, I'll turn up unannounced with this recipe to redeem myself.

Lusting over

Bollywood Boys Club is a website I've had bookmarked for maybe three years. If you know about my Rekha obsession, you'd know why I absolutely must have this t-shirt.

Current read

I follow Food 52 on Twitter and came across this article on my feed that struck me as riveting. 'The Sad, Sexist Past of Bengali Cuisine' a beautifully written piece about how Bengali vegetarian cuisine was enriched by the dietary limitations of widows. It's amazing how entire dishes would have to be reinvented without essentials like ginger and garlic because they were considered aphrodisiacs and therefore harmful to the sexual energy of a widow.