Monthly Digest- Aug '18
08 18.png

August was a month full of pleasant surprises for me. After spending weeks moping around and doing nothing, my better half whisked me away to celebrate my birthday. As much as I’d love to say the summer was relaxing, I’ve been working to the bone to make sure a few projects were ready for the following month- and you’ll be hearing about them very soon!

Behind The Scenes
Having had over a month to evaluate things, I decided it was time to take YouTube seriously. I’ve shot a few quick recipes and am still figuring out how to best present it, how to include myself and voiceovers so bear with me! In the meantime, make sure you’re subscribed to the Golden Tiffin YouTube channel so you don’t miss any new content.

Netflix Binge
I haven’t heard anybody talk about Queen Of The South but that doesn’t mean you should sleep on it. Think about Power, but with a female-centric narrative and seriously gripping getaway scenes.

Recipe On Repeat
Even though it was my birthday, I was baking continuously for others, especially since it coincided with Eid as well. The one I always whip out for last minute desserts is this

As I mentioned, I travelled to the French Riviera for five days and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed doing absolutely nothing! Transport was a doddle to figure out, the neighbouring towns were stunning, the food was reminiscent of it’s previous Italian roots. If you need any suggestions of what to get up to, I’ve left the Highlights up on my Instagram stories!

Artist On Loop
Jacquees has been on my radar for a very long time now (ever since I’ve been cursed with having a husband that listens to Joe Budden podcasts) and B.E.D is one of the most melodic tunes I’ve heard in a while. If I ever want to unwind after a tough day, I just put on his playlist and meditate away!