Lunch @ Bob Bob Ricard

Last weekend I decided to take advantage of the British sun and trot around London. I ended up having lunch at Bob Bob Ricard, a glamorous Anglo-Russian restaurant tucked into the corner of Soho. Instagram hashtags clearly display the "press for champagne" button as it's most exciting feature (mocktails are close enough, right?) but the interior and service was just as impeccable. 

As it was warm I initially wanted something light and refreshing but then I saw the menu and all notion of self-control went out the window. I went for "safe bet" seafood options. Baked oysters with parmersan and black truffle were followed by the fisherman's pie, which I should have realised was going to be huge from the smoked haddock, prawns, mussels and salmon listed. The lobster macaroni and cheese looked pretty amazing too.

It didn't end there. Dessert was the notorious BBR Signature Chocolate Glory. The chocolate bomb was filled with chocolate brownie, jelly, chocolate mousse and to be on the safe side, extra chocolate sauce drizzled in a fashion I can only describe as art in motion. Excuse me while I wipe the dribble!