Monthly Digest- Mar' 19
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There are promises of sunshine and spring blooms floating around but I have yet to see anything of the kind. This may just be down to the fact that March has been an entirely exhausting month. Househunting, working and blogging are not the cocktail for a perfect night’s sleep, I’ll tell you that! One of the the things I love about spring is how much I feel an urge to refresh everything in the house. Linens must be swapped to lighter fabrics, thick velvets have to be folded away and I can finally replace the faux flowers with some garden grown buds.

Behind The Scenes
I’ve finally gotten back into the swing of shooting again, and you’ll be seeing the fruits of my labour in the coming weeks. I’ve also been working away from the blog to create cool content for an upcoming project. Although I can’t say much, I’ve teamed up with a mammoth of a brand to bring you a recipe that I love. It’s all in the name of charity and I can’t wait to announce more soon!

Series Binge
I must have been living under a rock because I’ve only just discovered Call The Midwife. As a born and bred Eastender, I was fascinated by the little changes in the set and the references to East End life. I’ve only reached Season 6 and am wondering if it’s worth pursuing now that the show is in the sixties’ (I’m not sure I can take the style seriously.)

Recipe On Repeat
Now that I’ve nailed the recipe, nothing seems to quite beat the kajoor and almond barfi I made a while ago. Sugar filled, shop bought breakfast bars don’t stand a chance!

Wish List
I’m probably not alone in saying that my transitional wardrobe is almost non-existent. I am either drowning in wool jumpers or staying breezy in cotton dresses. My most recent fixation is with everything linen. There’s just something so effortless and cool about a pair of linen high waisted trousers that nothing else more glamorous can emulate. Mango have been knocking it out of the park with their earth-toned contributions and this cloudy grey midi dress is at the top of my wish list!

Brunch Haunts
I’m not a fan of restaurants that have to rely on gimmicks to entice customers. Stour Space is the one brunch cafe that I’ve returned to time and time again over the past five years. It’s gone through a bit of a rebrand but the menu is the same and if you walk through the gallery and choose to sit upstairs, you’ll get a marvellous view of Regent’s Canal. Try out their French toast and their shakshuka if you’re in the Hackney Wick area.