Lessons Learned In Capri

Writers and artists have immortalised Capri for as long as it has been discovered and the marinas have lured in travellers since the time of the ancient Greeks: legend has it that this is the region where Odysseus nearly succumbed to the Sirens' dulcet tones. Romance floats through the air alongside citrus blossoms and a clean ocean breeze. The enchanting turquoise water of the Blue Grotto, the Faraglioni rocks that stand proudly amidst the soft blue horizon and the charming view of Mount Vesuvius from the top are enough to leave you spellbound. It's no wonder that this lush island is a honeymoon favourite! 

Although I had been planning this itinerary for months, the lovely staff at Le Sirenuse were more helpful in organising the daily excursions than all the Tripadvisor forums combined! I also asked locals in Positano for recommendation- in an internet age, we often forget that people know a thing or two that isn't online! Below are a few suggestions I accumulated and would give anybody who is planning a day trip to Capri.

Take a bus up to Anacapri and a taxi down

To visit Anacapri, it is about a 20-30 minute SITA bus ride up. Lots of blogs and forums make it sound unbearable. It's not the most comfortable: the worst bit is waiting for the actual bus to arrive. Don't expect a seat either. Other than that, it was efficient and cost effective (I believe we paid 7 euros per return ticket.) If your budget allows it, I definitely recommend taking a taxi on your way back down. The balmy breeze, and winding roads do something to lift the spirits at the end of a very exhausting trip! 

The Blue Grotto probably isn't worth the wait to get in

The most harrowing experience by far was having to stay conscious on a hot day, in a still ferry bobbing on water as you wait to board a boat to enter the Blue Grotto. It was almost 45 minutes until we got to see it. The grotto itself is enchanting, but if I was a person who suffered from motion sickness or didn't have much time to spare, this detour would have been a terrible decision.

Stay awake on the ferry ride there

A piece of advice I wished someone had told me! The ride there is perhaps the most scenic as you pass the Faraglioni rocks and Lover's Arch. You may even glimpse a mountain goat or two climbing the jagged edges of the coastline! Quite a sight to behold. 

Capri Town is for shoppers; Anacapri is for lovers

While Capri Town is a shopper's dream, Anacapri will appeal to those who prefer relative peace and beautifully preserved architecture. I skipped the old town to make time for the Grotto and Anacapri. Villa San Michele had astonishing panoramic views of the Amalfi Coast and Mount Vesuvius. Of all the places I visited, this is the one that would be the most memorable.

Casual dining isn't a bad idea

Warming myself up in the sun and getting some good food in me was much needed that day. By the time the tour of the Blue Grotto was over and I arrived back at Capri, I had very little interest in being social, looking good or pretending I was not suffering from fatigue. I was less inclined to want to pay service charge too. Instead, I saw a group of American tourists guzzling the most delicious looking pizzas on a nearby bench and asked them where they were from. So I did the same and trotted to Marina Grande, ordered takeaway pizza from La Zodiaco and basked in the sun with an entire box to myself.

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