Five Things To Do In Amalfi

The famous Duomo Di San Andrea is not the only wonder to behold in Amalfi. From sea, to lemon groves, to waterfalls, this idyllic little town has it all. Having had some time to spare until the ferry departed from the docks, I took to asking locals what I could do to kill three or four hours. Hearing the excitement in their voices as they spoke about their favourite views and spots to eat sparked a curiosity in me that I knew I had to indulge! 

Visit Duomo Di Sant'Andrea

You would be doing yourself a grave injustice if you visited Amalfi and didn't take a moment to soak in the history of it's famous cathedral.  This architectural relic dates back to the 10th Century and is a melange of traditional Italian baroque interiors with Syrian influenced tiles and pillars. I went during Easter and this sacred location with it's profession is not to be missed!

The view from Piazza Del Duomo

The view from Piazza Del Duomo

Eat at Pizzeria Donna Stella

I didn't experience a single bad pizza during my time in Amalfi Coast. This place is no different. Tucked away in the winding side streets, you would be forgiven for passing by this inconspicuous joint. The only thing that tells it apart from the neighbouring residences is a rustic tiled sign above the stairs. At Pizzeria Donna Stella, you can gorge on calzones and caprese salads in delightful abandon. With a canopy of citrusy lemons and oranges shading you from the harsh midday sun, it's easy to forget that you're only a few steps away from the throng of the church visiting masses. 

Walk up to Valle Delle Ferriere

This is a place that the staff at Pizzeria Donna Stella recommended and I'm so glad I listened to them! Meander through Valle Delle Ferriere through a thick canopied forest that runs along natural springs that line the pathways. Halfway up, you'll come across a tiny mother-daughter run cafe that sells fresh granita and chillis grown on the farms dotted through the valleys. After accidentally ending up on a hiking trail and trekking 1000 steps barefoot, their stand was like a sign from heaven!  

Valle Delle Ferriere

Valle Delle Ferriere

Buy local produce

Being the earthly paradise that it is, Amalfi is renowned for its lemon and olive orchards. Stores all around Duomo Di Sant Andrea house a lot of local wares such as fresh pesto and scialatelli. However, the deeper you delve into Amalfi town, the better the prices get. I would check with your airline whether fresh produce is allowed through customs; it can be very tempting to stow away those plump zesty lemons Amalfi is known for!