Jaipur Journal Feature- Vegetable Curry

Teacher, blogger, photographer, food stylist, now a fully fledged published and printed recipe writer! Thankyou to J'AIPUR Journal who thought I had something interesting to share with their audience. I have never been more proud to be the Golden Tiffin Girl. You can find the recipe for this simple vegetable curry on their website or purchase their magazine online.

"Crisp leaves and brisk walks in the cold evenings are topped only by coming home to a steaming bowl of earthy greens. Pairing bright autumnal vegetables with plenty of coconut milk and spices is sure to keep you deliciously warm as the temperatures drop. Dense chickpeas, kidneys, sweet potatoes and swede soak up the intense heat from a fiery scotch bonnet while the coconut milk creates a masala with subtle hints of healing turmeric, ginger and lime. Alternatively, I have made this with brown rice for an office lunch and it keeps me going until I can get home and wrap myself in blankets! However, a bowl of this comforting mix scooped up with fresh jalebi paratha is the epitome of soul food."

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